• SHANDONG JUNFEI expands plant and production capacity

  • In recent years, Shandong Junfei's business has developed rapidly, its product output has grown rapidly, and its turnover and orders have increased year by year. The company's existing equipment and plants have been unable to meet the needs of production. Based on the company ’s prospective development plan, Shandong Junfei carried out technical transformation and relocation project construction. The project was completed and put into production in July 2018, and a new production line was established. This expanded the production capacity and improved the industrial chain. The expansion of product capacity and the control of product quality have created favorable conditions.

    At present, the company has implemented technical transformation and second-phase project construction to further improve the industry chain. At the same time, production equipment with high level of efficient automation and stable operation will be introduced, which can effectively cooperate with the in-depth development of core products and improve production capacity. Some floors are used as new product research and development sites, and advanced test equipment is equipped to meet the company's future research and development needs, and provide a smooth channel for converting research and development technology into productivity.

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